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Doing Impeccable Greatness


Nonprofit Organization

Art Class
Girl Holding Baseball
Girl with Golf Club

Helping Former Foster Kids Succeed Through Extracurricular Activities.

Former foster youth can greatly benefit from extracurricular activities, as they have been shown to have the worst academic performance and more behavioral problems than other students. Unfortunately, not all of them have the economic resources to take part in such activities.

This is why Doing Impeccable Greatness, an organization that works with former at-risk foster youth aged 3-24, was created. We enrolled youth in various community-based enrichment programs such as sports, dance, acting, STEM, art, singing, and cooking, which will help them develop team-building skills, group participation, sportsmanship, and a sense of pride. Additionally, these experiences can help build confidence, and respect, increase graduation rates, reduce crime, and improve self-esteem. Ultimately, our goal is to turn these youth into adults who will be eager to give back to their community.

G-Greatness drives our work to help children to achieve their full potential.

R-Respect is our commitment that considers the rights of each person.

E-Empathy and compassion enable us to act in fair treatment to educate families with love.

A-Ability will drive our team to develop the necessary skillsets to help FORMER FOSTER CHILDREN transition into adulthood with extracurricular activities.

T-Transparent conduct is our driving force as we guarantee that every donation translates into a direct benefit through our extracurricular programs.

N-Nurture fuels us to ensure each child is well-nourished with a healthy diet and a supportive environment. E-Education is the foundation that aids us to dignify our children by providing them with the skills and experience to pursue meaningful work.

S-Solidarity is the engine of a better society, where former foster children can find mentors and positive role models for social and emotional development.

S-Strength in teamwork so that each child has a family where they are more robust.

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