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Get Involved

We rely heavily upon volunteers and could not succeed without you.


Doing Impeccable Greatness holds several events. Event range from fundraising, lectures, workshops, vision board parties, managing communication, marketing as well as others. We need assistance with all aspects of event planning & execution.  When a volunteer opportunity arises, an email will be sent out. Those interested in volunteering will send a reply email expressing interest & further details will be sent.


Job Title: Event Volunteer

Key Responsibilities:

The Event Volunteer:

(1) Plans, sets up and attends public & private events.

(2) Engage with attendees of the events.

(3) Registration-making sure persons are permitted and have taken the correct steps to attend.

(4) Serving food and refreshments-where applicable.

(5) Clothes sorting.

(6) Market/advertise the event via social media and word of mouth.


Reports to:

Volunteers will work under the direction of various members of our staff and other volunteers, who will provide task-specific direction training and support.​

Length of Appointment:

Event Volunteers will be asked to commit to at least 2-3 hours. Participation in an event planning committee could typically require larger time commitments over several months.


During the course of volunteering, you may be dealing with confidential information about others. You must be willing to agree to keep such information in the strictest confidence & sign our confidentiality policy.



Depends of tasks



You are able to receive information, resources, experience, motivation, encouragement, empowerment, and much more.  You will not pay for any events, food/snacks will be provided for you (depending on the event). You will be able to interact, gain knowledge, and skills, receive gifts/freebie(s),  give back & HAVE FUN!!!


We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication in helping

Doing Impeccable Greatness Inc. 

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